Chaotic Catalyst Scholarships - 2023.Summer

Scholarships - 2023.Summer

The "Chaotic Catalyst Scholarships #CCS" will award four scholarships for master theses for the summer semester 2023. Each scholarship will be funded in the total amount of 1.500€.

Create value

We are looking for topics that take a closer look at the world's information technologies, examine their impact on society, and develop ideas on how the world can be improved according to the principles of hacker ethics.

Make a difference and have an impact

It doesn't matter whether you come from the field of economics, politics, social science, technology or art - we want to learn about your relationship to the issues surrounding the topic of "information technology" and promote it as an added value for society. Because between buzzwords like "digital transformation", "big data", "efficiency", "innovation", ethical principles and issues also play a role in the modern world, in addition to data and applications.

How do I apply?

To apply for a scholarship, you must fill out the form. Please read the terms and conditions of the scholarship before you apply.

Apply now

To apply for a scholarship you must fill out the following form. Please read the terms and conditions of the scholarship beforehand. After we have received your application, it will be made available to the advisory board. We will try to give you a confirmation or rejection as soon as possible. In case of the latter, you can get a short explanation if you wish. Due to the voluntary character of the advisory board, we are not able to provide detailed reasons.

bitte leerlassen wenn nur per E-Mail kommuniziert werden soll

Impulse questions that you can (but don't have to!) use as a guideline for finding a topic

  • What added value does Open Data bring to xyz?
  • In which countries and regions is there very little government surveillance and is this related to xyz?
  • Do companies that rely on Open Data perform better than others?
  • To what extent is data protection relevant for general consumption decisions?
  • To what extent is artistic freedom protected by data privacy?
  • How is the ethical use of open source defined?
  • What freedom of design is there in social interaction in a digital world?
  • Possibilities and limits of surveillance measures: How much can a person / a system withstand?
  • What influence does information technology have on the voting behavior of citizens?
  • To what extent does multiple use of open source applications change the social divide?
  • What influence do institutions gain in digital responsibilities?
  • To what extent can digital diversity respond to the war for talents?
  • What answers do open source applications provide to countries' education policies? Possibilities and limits of education policy
  • What trends and influencing factors can be perceived in the use of open source in German SMEs?


About the advisory board

In order to provide the most diverse funding possible for projects, scholarships are awarded based on the recommendation of the CCS Advisory Board.

  • Anja Rabich; IT Security
  • Dorothea Piko Koch; Voice & Computer Artist
  • Jana Peper; Engineering Sciences
  • Lana Hedinger, Software Development & Social Sciences
  • Myriam Raboldt, History of science and technology, Gender studies, Science&Technology Studies
  • Samuel Brinkmann; Software Development & Managing Director

Der Beirat ist jederzeit unter zu erreichen, alle Fragen sind willkommen!

Scholarship Terms

  • You will write a master's or diploma thesis in the summer semester 2023
    • The work period is between March 2023 and October 2023
    • You can submit topics that are not yet officially registered with your university, as well as those that have already been confirmed.
    • If you would like help formulating an idea, feel free to contact us at
  • You write about a topic that takes a closer look at the world's information technologies, examines their impact on society, and/or develops ideas about how the world can be improved according to the principles of hacker ethics.
    • We don't care about the discipline, we welcome submissions from many different scientific fields
    • We are interested in theoretical considerations or concepts, specific implementations, sociological surveys, artistic confrontations and -
  • You are writing your Master's thesis at a German university or college and are liable to pay taxes in Germany
    • Diese Begrenzung ist für den Anfang bewusst gewählt.
  • We do not influence the content of the work
  • The work is published freely accessible
    • This means there must be no non-disclosure agreements
    • The work must be accessible free of charge on the Internet, we also provide the infrastructure for this if required
  • You agree that we may advertise your work publicly and that the work and your name may become better known than is usual for a master's thesis.
    • This could mean lectures or articles in the CCC environment
    • Mediation assistance in the publication of the subject and the work in other media
  • Consent from your*\professor*/institute for the above items.

Hacker* Ethics

  • Access to computers and anything that can show you how this world works should be unlimited and complete.
  • All information must be free.
  • Distrust authority - promote decentralization.
  • Judge a hacker by what he or she does, not by common criteria such as appearance, age, origin, species, gender, or social status.
  • You can create art and beauty with a computer.
  • Computers can change your life for the better.
  • Don't muck around in other people's data.
  • Use public data, protect private data. Hacker ethics defined by the Chaos Computer Club

Payment of funds

The money will be paid in two tranches. The first amount of 750 € will be paid out as soon as we have received proof of registration and the processing time has started. The second payment of another 750 € will be made at the beginning of the 4th month of the processing period. If the master's thesis is discontinued, the scholarship will also be terminated prematurely, but all funds paid up to that point do not have to be repaid.

Where do the funds come from?

The total of 6.000€ for the first run comes from the Chaos Computer Club e.V.. Information on how you can support the CCC e.V. can be found here. All scholarships are distributed by the Chaostreff Flensburg e.V..

Is there any way to extend the scholarship?

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current phase. If you need longer for your work, that's still fine, only we can't pay more money.

Which organizations are involved?

The legal and fiscal responsibility lies with Chaostreff Flensburg e.V. with the support of Chaotikum e.V. and other committed individuals. All organizations and individuals are active in the environment of the Chaos Computer Club.

Why are there only 4 scholarships?

We will start with the winter semester 2022/23. The entire project is a prototype for us to test what is possible and feasible with this method. Once all funds are allocated and the results are analyzed, possible follow-up projects will be developed. If you have ideas and funds to expand the project, feel free to contact us at!

What all counts as a master's thesis?

A master's thesis is a final paper of a master's degree program according to the requirements of the respective examination regulations. Funding of diploma theses as final papers of a diploma course is also possible.

For how long can I apply?

There is no time limit for applying for a scholarship for the winter semester 2022. Once all the funds have been awarded, there will be no more opportunities to apply. You can see how many scholarships have already been awarded under stats.

I am a professor, part of an institute, scientist

Nice to have you here! We are always looking for exciting contacts. The best thing to do is to write a short e-mail to and we'll get into conversation. Feel free to tell your students about this scholarship program and work with them on interesting topics for a possible final thesis, which they can then submit to us.

Do you have any further questions?

Then email us at If you want to report any issues with the advisory board or the process, please email Both email addresses are processed in a ticket system and may be seen by different people.


money allocated: 4.500€ money not allocated: 1.500€

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